5 Most popular Website Articles


5 Most popular Website Articles

1.         Personal stories

Posts containing personal experiences of writing

2.         Newsjacking

Discussing current issues or news from the author's side

3.         Pedia

Explaining the meaning/definition according to the topic

4.         How to

Procedural text on how to do something

5.         Listicle article

It contains a list of products or tips or services


Writing Feature News

1.         Start with the most important facts

2.         Use active voice

3.         Choose a human interest topic

4.         Look for related quotes

5.         Fact check

6.         Always proofread your writing

Google Play Books

Google play books is a platform where you can publish books online. Currently, you can upload books on Google play books in a relatively easy way.

Let's check out Google Play Books

1.         Create a Google Play Book account, visit the Google Play Book page and click Get Started to create an account. Use your Google account to complete the form.

2.         Fill in financial information, enter information about bank accounts, payments, and taxes that must be paid.

3.         Create your first book, to sell your book, click add your first book on the main page. You can specify the whole book or just a preview.

4.         Fill in the book metadata, this metadata consists of four parts, namely, about the book, in the form of title, book description, synopsis. Genres, select the genre category relevant to the book. Contributors, write the names of people who participated in the creation of the book. Settings, set how the book will appear on Google Play Book.

5.         Upload the book file and book cover. The uploaded book file can be either EPUB or PDF.

6.         Set the book price. Can set different prices in each region due to currency differences.

7.         Double check and upload. Once everything has been filled in completely and correctly, click publish to upload the book.


Although there are many advantages to be gained, such as the process of uploading books being quick and easy. Google Play Books also has disadvantages such as the money from book sales can only be taken when it reaches USD 100.

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